Tools I use and swear by

Note: an asterisk denotes an affiliate link, which just means that if you buy the respective product through my link, I'll earn a Yaay-money! commission that doesn't cost you anything extra :)

Beeminder: The best tool to ensure that you actually follow through on your goals. You give them your credit card, set up a measurable goal—such as average number of words you want to write per day—and they charge you real money if you fail. It helped me finish my PhD!ConvertKit*: Email service provider specifically designed for creators. Yeah, it costs money, but unlike a newsletter tool like Substack or Revue, it allows you to do fancy stuff like segmenting your subscribers, sending automated email sequences, and giving your subscribers more options on what specific kinds of emails they want to receive.Hypefury*: The ultimate tool to keep your Twitter timeline busy without having to spend all day glued to that hellsite. I use it to schedule entire months' worth of tweets in advance.Medium*: The best place online to grow an audience as a writer while getting paid for it.Procreate: My favorite drawing app. I use it on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil to create all my comics and cartoons.